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Advocacy in the Horn of Africa

Advocacy in the Horn of Africa Khartoum July 2007


The Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA) hosted a regional Pastoral Advocacy Workshop. The workshop was funded by Oxfam Novib (the Netherlands) and conducted in collaboration with the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism (WISP) and the World Conservation Union (IUCN). It was held in Khartoum from 8th to 10th July, 2007.

The main purpose of this landmark workshop was for local and international development organisations to come together in order to share their knowledge and ideas as to how to implement pastoralist advocacy  strategies in a much more visible and results-oriented way. This was foremost an attempt to enhance debate and learning and to consolidate and disseminate strategies that have had (or could have) a positive impact on changing perceptions towards pastoralism leading to appropriate programme and policy design at local, national and regional levels. How could we get our policy makers, who seem only to be concerned with sedentarisation, industrialisation and globalization, to become interested in the development of pastoralist livelihoods and economics in our region of Africa?

Experts and practitioners were invited from national and international NGOs, the UN and academia to join us for three days of in-depth presentations, debates, and development of strategies and effective ways to disseminate them within the Greater Horn Region of Africa which has its very own challenges. NGOs were invited who had faced difficulties in developing their pastoralist programmes in the past and who wanted information to help them to identify possible directions towards pastoralist interventions.

The workshop aimed to provide a platform for information and knowledge exchange and to create an opportunity for serious networking among pastoralist organisations and experts.

The Proceedings of the workshop can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here (363 kb)