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Annual Reports

Annual Reports and Accounts are prepared on a yearly basis. Since 2009, PENHA’s accounting year is the calendar year. These reports and accounts are available from the Charity Commission website as well as through Companies House. They can also be downloaded from this website as pdfs. Click on the date range of interest.

1st. Jan - 31st. Dec 2016

1st. Jan - 31st. Dec 2015

1st. Jan - 31st. Dec 2014

1st. Jan - 31st. Dec 2013

1st. Jan - 31st. Dec 2012

1st.  Jan – 31st. Dec 2011

1st.  Jan – 31st. Dec 2010

1st. Nov 2008 – 31st. Dec 2009 (covering a period of 14 months – to change the reporting year)

1st. Nov 2007 – 31st. Oct 2008

1st. Nov 2006 – 31st. Oct 2007


A summary of activities for the period 2004 to 2010 can be downloaded from here. This report is abstracted from the Annual Reports to Companies House and the Charity Commission, but does not include the financial reports.