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Conflict analysis and prevention

Conflict Mapping and Analysis in Uganda 

In December 2008, PENHA on behalf of the RBC (Resource Based Conflict) Management Network organised a three day training on Conflict Analysis and Mapping in Kasese District.

The immediate objective of the training was to generate information for bridging the RBC knowledge gap on the Basongora – Queen Elizabeth National Park Conflicts, which then could be used for policy advocacy.

Members of the national RBC network were trained on how to use and apply the conflict mapping tools that had been earlier developed. The tools were further piloted/tested in Queen Elizabeth National Park among the Basongola pastoralists of Kasese district, who have been in conflict with the Queen Elizabeth National park authorities and are now in conflict with crop farmers.

The assignment was to apply the conflict mapping tools in identifying the various players, history and context of the conflict. The causes of disputes and conflicts in such systems were examined and innovative approaches to prevention, management and resolution highlighted. Also explored were the implications for conflict management of policies and programmes of decentralisation and the empowerment of local decision makers.

Emmanuel Kyagaba (centre right) and team members consulting with Basongora pastoralists in Kasese. The Wehr’s Conflict Map and the Hocker-Wilmot Conflict Assessment Guide are helpful in generating information about conflict situations and especially identifying the players. In the course of testing the tools, it emerged that while some parties are mentioned, their roles remained unclear. A mention was made of some emerging traditional institutions such the Obusinga, but their involvement in the conflict has not been clarified.

Other local institutions, whose involvement in resolving land conflicts would be vital, would be the land tribunals, but these did not feature in the discussions. The Queen Elizabeth National Park conflict nexus has several parties playing primary roles in the conflict, which calls for strengthening institutions and structures for managing the conflicts.

The Entebbe Declaration following the 7th. Resource Based Conflict (RBC) conference can be downloaded here (1,589kb).