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Declaration on Gender Issues

From its foundation, PENHA has seen the importance of gender as an issue in pastoralist society in the Horn of Africa. The first major initiative was an international conference on "Gender and Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa" which was held in London in February 1991. It was an attempt to conceptualize its strategy and build in a progressive gender outlook as an organization, and it was led by women from the Horn.

Following this in 1994, PENHA commissioned a number of research papers with the support of funding from Norway's international development agency, Norad. This was followed by regional workshop on gender and development in Nazareth Ethiopia in November 1995 which brought together a number of policy makers and practioners from across the Horn of Africa. At that conference PENHA declared its philosophical and practical commitment to promote women issues at all level. All participants accepted that pastoral women are in the ‘’margins of the marginalized’’ and PENHA committed itself to implement the Declaration.

The full text of the declaration with the names of those who signed it can be downloaded as a pdf from here (53kb).