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Internships & Career Building

PENHA has been offering internship programmes for graduates and post-graduate students from UK universities to help and support them to get better understanding of the underlying global and regional development issues like poverty, environmental degradation and hunger.

The main object of the scheme was to support young people build their career in development education with practical case of PENHA’s work in the Horn of Africa and create a wider network to increase chances of employability. Among others the Vodafone World Diversity programme, Santander Internship scheme that provides funds to cover part-time salaries for our past and present internees.

PENHA has implemented a 4 years EU funded Food We Want development projects in UK in partnership with EU partners, IIED, UCL, Oxford University to increase Youth awareness on sustainable agriculture and global food security issues .

PENHA through its London Office has role in transferring knowledge on development issues, specially on Pastoral livelihood modes and production systems.

Internee Testimonial

Internship scheme: Vodafone World of Difference

'I strongly believe my engagement with the charity has contributed a lot towards both my professional growth and also bringing genuine impact on the side of the service users. Besides the role I played in shaping the Charity's long-term, there were actual results brought as a result of my placement.

It was fascinating experience working within the area of my interest as well as my expertise. This boosted my moral to be a show case to the employer as well as the communities who benefit from the organisation. This enhanced my skill on developing a database strategy for non-profit organisations, compilation and reporting, communication after all it was a pleasure to see myself producing very tangible results which made the other staff to trust me more.

In conclusion, I see this golden opportunity given by the Vodafone as an entry point to the wider professional labour market having the confidence, better skills and experience. Thankful to Vodafone for bringing this scheme which helped me a lot in my life.'

Bereket Tsegay