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Natural Resource Management in Pastoralist Areas

This workshop was the latest in a series of training courses organized by the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA) in the greater Horn of Africa Region, working with partner groups pastoral communities, and a wide spread of government officials and researchers. The partner organization in this instance was the Nyabushozi Development Agency (NYDA) of Mbarara District, in South Western Uganda. First contacts between PENHA and NYDA took place when some NYDA members attended a workshop in 1997 held in Ethiopia on land tenure. Thereafter, in 1999, PENHA in association with the Uganda Gender Resource Centre (UGRC) held a major conference in Mbarara, the ‘African Partnership Workshop.’ At this event further links were established with NYDA a, Memorandum of Understanding signed, and discussions held on how best PENHA could assist its new partner. This resulted in priority being given to Natural Resource Management training and technical inputs.
The full report can be downloaded here as a pdf (343kb).