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PENHA looks for two new trustees 2020

PENHA Board of Trustees

Trustee Vacancies 2020

PENHA Launches its New Strategy 2020-25

PENHA launches its new strategy 2020-25 under the title of 'Building Sustainable Futures' to promote sustainable development among pastoral and agro-pastoral communities thro

FAO on Mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on the livestock sector

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented emergency and grave societal threat. Protecting public health is the first priority. However, governments, policy makers and the international community must also recognize and attempt to mitigate the negative impacts (current and potential) of the pandemic and related response efforts on key sectors that contribute to food security, nutrition and livelihoods. The livestock sector is a key contributor to these areas, especially for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Volunteer Job Advert: Finance officer and accountant

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The Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA) is an African led Regional organization committed to the development of pastoral peoples through partnership with the pastoral communities in the Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia Uganda and Somaliland. PENHA has its international office in London UK where it is registered as a Charity and non profit making company.

PENHA becomes Somaliland NGO Consortium Advisory Board member

Effective from 24th October 2019, PENHA becomes Somaliland NGO Consortium Advisory Board member. As the recent announcement from the Consortium indicated, a total of six national and international NGOs were elected and endorsed to represent the NGO community in Somaliland. Their board membership lasts until 24 October 2020

Here are the six newly elected members and their representatives. 

International NGOs

Reducing Refugees Barriers in Kent

PENHA, under its UK Youth Programme, continuing its support to the asylum seekers and refugees in Kent has secured almost 10K grant for its 'Reducing Refugees Barriers in Kent' project from the National Lottery. The project aims to provide intensive mentorship and career development for 500 young East African origin asylum seekers and refugees in Kent to widen their professional opportunities and access labour markets.

Job Advert: International Programme Coordinator (IPC)

Job title: International Programme Coordinator (IPC) 

Investing in Asylum Seekers and Refugees for an Inclusive Future in Kent

During 2018, PENHA in partnership with Kent-based charities and colleges had successfully delivered a youth-focused project in Kent that helped over 450 young unaccompanied asylum seekers who are originally from the Horn of Africa. With grant support from National Lottery, our youth project has supported the youth with career building, and social cohesion and integration opportunities to improve their lives and reach their potentials.