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Announcing our new Board Chair and Treasurer

Dear PENHA Staff and Associates,

I am pleased to announce that the PENHA Board of Trustees elected Dr. Lulsegged Abebe as Board Chair and Dr. Zeremariam Fre as Treasurer, and appointed Mr. Bereket Tsegay as Company Secretary during the AGM held on Monday 10th September 2018.

Dr. Lulsegged, who was previously serving as a Treasurer of the Board, has a long experience in development, governance and peacebuilding. He worked for International Alert, a peacebuilding charity, in different capacities, collaborating with governments, CSOs in Africa and Europe, and intergovernmental institutions from its HQ in London. With a wide range of experience globally, Dr. Lulsegged is committed to advancing PENHA in redefining its vision, and exploring how it can be more active in Africa and beyond.  

The Trustees acknowledge the contributions made by the outgoing Chair, Mr. John Plastow, particularly towards PENHA’s repositioning process and to reviewing its strategic direction,  as well as smoothing the leadership succession. John has served on PENHA’s Board of Trustees since 2012, and has steadfastly demonstrated his deep commitment to the causes that PENHA stands for, bringing his extensive experience of supporting the capacity strengthening of non-profit organisations.

As PENHA approaches its 30th anniversary, the Board of Trustees looks forward to working with Dr. Lulsegged in advancing PENHA’s mission to support the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Africa. On this note and on behalf of the PENHA family, I would like to congratulate Dr. Lulsegged for being elected as Chair and thank John Plastow for the unreserved commitment he has shown to the PENHA over the years – including prior to his becoming a Trustee.

Best regards,

Bereket Tsegay

Company Secretary