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Goats in Uganda

Vanessa Champion, a photojournalist and writer who visited Uganda to see some of PENHA's work there among women's groups, writes about how a goat can make a difference to the lives of pastoralists there.

"How a goat can make a difference
Men, boys, goats, women jostle together kicking up rich dust from the red earth as the Ugandan heat beats down on the heaving goat market. Vanessa Champion, Photojournalist accompanied PENHA (Pastoralist and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa) on expedition with the pastoralists across Uganda and documented their way of life and discovered that there were arising economic and personal challenges for those herders whose traditional way of life and heritage is now threatened by a more sedentary life being urged upon them from the government. ....."

The full article can be downloaded as a pdf from here. The website of the magazine is