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Newsletter Nos 14PENHA is committed to the pastoralists in the Horn of Africa, their well being and their future. It is also committed to keeping it supporters up to date with what PENHA is doing. It is our aim to issue a newsletter two or three times a years. Old newsletters will be saved as pdf files and can be loaded from the set below.
If you want to ask any questions, make comments or contact us for any reason, please do so via the website (click here) or by emailing us using our address ( and putting "Newsletter" in the Subject line.
If you do not want to continue to receive our newsletter, just send an email via the website or using our address ( with the words "Delete Newsletter" in the Subject line or in the email.

Issue No 17 October 2018

Issue No 16 June 2018

Issue No 15 June 2017

Issue No 14 March 2016


Pastoralism: Past, Present and Future                               

The Tuuyo Grazing Reserve Rehabilitation                        

PENHA in Ethiopia - Economic development in Afar        

Supporting Women in Eastern Sudan                                 

A PENHA lecture at Mekelle University Ethiopia                

PENHA in Uganda                                                                    

PENHA’s new Trustees and associates  networking          

Issue No 13 August 2015


Managing the challenges of

     Prosopis                                           1

Social Protection in Ethiopia             2

Women’s Groups in Sudan                2

Co-operatives in Somaliland             3

PENHA Uganda: Pastoralism           

     Locally and globally                       3

PENHA in the Horn of Africa             4

Celebrating PENHA’s 25th.

     Anniversary                                    4

                                                            Food We Want                                    4

Issue No 12 Summer 2014


  • Supporting Women's Groups and Co-operatives in Somaliland
  • Using Prosopis as animal feed in Sudan and Somaliland
  • Pastoralism and PENHA in Ethiopia
  • PENHA's London Office
  • Empowering Ugandan Women's Groups
  • 25 years of PENHA - a conversation with Zeremariam Fre, Director
  • PENHA needs your help

Issue No 11 Autumn 2013


  • Improving Fodder to reduce poverty in Sudan
  • Strengthening Land and Property Rights in Somaliland
  • International Cooperation on Land, Peace and Gender
  • Supporting Education for All Ages
  • Sustainable Employment and Economic Development
  • PENHA as global Pastoralist Advocate
  • Pastoralists in Eastern Sudan
  • Photojournalist Expedition with PENHA Uganda

Issue No 10 Spring 2013


  •  Tailoring equipment for women’s groups in Somaliland
  •  Nkoma Farm in Uganda
  •  Elizabeth Katushabe represents PENHA
  • Books for Sudanese schools
  • Somaliland Elections
  • Food We Want campaign
  • Celebrating the Horn of Africa with Joanna Lumley
  • Alternative Uses of Prosopis 
  • PENHA updates its structure

Issue No 9 September  2012


  • Education in Eastern Sudan
  • First annual Expo in Somaliland
  • Equipment for Ugandan women
  • A new pastoralist centre in Eritrea
  • Supporting Pastoralists in Africa 
  • New Trustees and volunteers
  • PENHA and the London Olympics
  • Where are our volunteers now?

Issue No 8 March 2012


  • PENHA plans for its future
  • Food Security for Pastoralists in Sudan and Eritrea
  • Women Building Peace
  • Empowering Women in the  Horn of Africa
  • Conversation with the leader of a Ugandan women’s group
  • “Food We Want” launch
  • PENHA’s Fourth Sponsored Walk
  • Investing in the dry lands of Africa

Issue No 7 August 2011                       


  • Drought in the Horn of Africa
  • Sewing and Knitting Machines for Uganda Women
  • New Opportunities for Pastoralists in Somaliland
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP)
  • A Successful Sponsored Walk
  • Advocacy in Europe  
  • Agro-pastoralist in South Sudan
  • Art to East Africa

Issue No 6 April  2011 


  •  PENHA’s 10 km walk
  • Primary Education in Eastern Sudan
  • Fodder training for women in Sudan
  • Pastoralists in Ethiopia
  • The Future of Pastoralism in Africa
  • Supporting PENHA through eBay
  • Volunteering for PENHA


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