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PENHA currently has an education project in Kassala in Eastern Sudan which is developing a relevant curriculum.

It seeks to be practical and sustainable and may even begin to change some of what is taught in other schools in the Horn.

Many children can't go to school

But there are still many children who are not able to go to school because they do not have the money for school uniforms, they do not have the books for reading or the paper for writing and do not have any shelter where they can stay near the school during the week. So they have to walk many miles to and from school every day. Less than half of the children of pastoralists even get to a primary school in the Horn of Africa.

This means that they – and their parents – are mostly not able to read or write and so unable to contribute to the future of their country. PENHA is committed to helping pastoralists to represent themselves – and this means providing education.

Supporting basic education among pastoralists in Kassala State

The generosity of the South Holland Rotary Club (based in Spalding, Lincs) allowed PENHA to distribute school equipment to seven schools.

These were in settlements which were between 15 and 170 km from the regional centre of Kassala, itself only about 20 km from the Eritrean border.

The population in this part of Sudan is mainly pastoralist though there are also many refugees from Eritrea.

Boxes and equipment given to children

A total of 525 exercise books, 855 pencils, 355 writing boards, 170 rulers, 160 pencil rubbers and 185 pencil sharpeners along with 170 bags for protecting the children’s books and writing equipment were given to the school children. Some equipment for games (balls, skipping ropes and a few footballs and whistles) was also provided.

Even the boxes which were used to send the material to Sudan are being used again for sending some material for making fodder to pastoralists across the border in Eritrea. Nothing is wasted and the boxes will be used again and again.

Nomadic Education Policy Dialogues and Forums

International Nomadic Education Workshop, London June 8th 2017 (Proceedings to be published in Dec 2017)

F O R U M O N F L E X I B L E E D U C A T I O N Reaching Nomadic Populations in Africa, Garissa, Kenya 20-23 June 2006

Nomadic Education July 2004 jointly organised  by PENHA and the LEAD of Leiden Univerity (see the published book of the workshop here.)