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PENHA looks to its future - Ethiopia December 2011

PENHA held a regional workshop at Desalgen Hotel, Addis Ababa, in December 2011 with thirty participants from across the Horn of Africa.

It comprised of two separate workshops, each with quite distinct purposes, which were combined into a one week-long event. The first three-day workshop aimed to review PENHA's three-year, DANIDA-funded Women's Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP) implemented in Somaliland, Eastern Sudan and Uganda, and to build upon it, outlining future plans. The programme is described in greater detail in the report below as well as in the country sections of this website. This was immediately followed by a second, three-day  Strategic Planning workshop, intended to help PENHA to develop its strategic plan for the next three to five years, as well as to assess the prospects for pastoral development programmes in Ethiopia. Both workshops were supported by funds from Denmark.

A fuller report can be downloaded here as a pdf (472 kb).