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PENHA Staff and Volunteers

PENHA has a small number of central staff and depends upon the work and expertise of a wide range of individuals. These individuals are mostly professionals who act as research assistants, consultants, administrators and/or focal points.

London-based staff and volunteers

Rehab A. Jameel  International Programme Coordinator (IPC) (MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development, University of Cambridge; and BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering and Construction Design, University of Garyounis – Benghazi, Libya); Email: 
Bereket Tsegay  Senior Researcher (PhD in Development Studies, SOAS, University of London; and MA in Public Management and BA in Public Administration with minor in International Relations); Email: 
Tesfaldet Okubayes Programme Manager (MA in Public Policy and Management; BA in Economics and Finance) Email:
Sara Sandvall Research Assistant (MA in Development Studies, SOAS, University of London and BA in Political Science and Religious Studies, Lund University) Email:
Amira Siraj Finance Officer (BA in Accounting; Partially Qualified ACCA)
Menbere Solomon  Communication Officer (MSc Animal Biology and Welfare)
Awo Mahad  Social Media and Communication Internee (MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development, UCL)
Federica Risi Research Associate (MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development, DPU, University College London)
Anna Paula Sampaio Whitwell, Research Assistant (Post-graduate student at Development Administration and Planning, UCL and BA in Law, UniSEB COC – Law University, Brazil)  
Mesghina Abraha Research Associate (MA in Education; PhD Candidate in Development Studies, SOAS, University of London)
Abdurazak Sherif Mohamed Research Associate (MSc in Project Management Practice, Middlesex University)
Naomi Dixon, Research Trainee and Child Protection Officer (BA in Anthropology and International Development, University of Sussex)
Kees Maxey Programme Officer for Uganda (BSc in Chemistry) 
Meije Gernez Research Associate (MSc) 
Jenny Eddis Research Associate (MSc) 
Matthew Lee Research Associate (MSc)
Senior Research Associate

Thor-Jürgen Greve Løberg, Senior Research Associate (MSc in Management and Implementation of Development Projects (MIDP), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UK; and BSc in Political Science [International Political Economy], Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA), Email:

Senior Advisors

Dr. Angela-Roven Roberts

Dr. Tekeste Ghebray


Ethiopian-based contacts
Prof Hirut Terefe (Trustee)
Dr. Taffesse Mesfin (Trustee)

Somaliland-based staff and volunteers
Sadia Ahmed (Country Representative; MA in Anthropology)
Amsale Shibeshi (Regional Programme Coordinator; MA in International Relations)
John Livingstone (Regional Policy Officer; MSc in Development Economics)
Omer Idel Sulaiman (Project Coordinator)
Fadumo Mohamed Ali (Administrative and Finance Officer)
Nimco H. Awale (Finance Officer)
Abdiasiis Yusuf Bakaal (Assistant Administrative and Logistics Officer)
Zaynab Abdirahman Hassan (Honey Value Chain Manager)
Hassan Hirsi Farah (Fodder Value Chain Manager)
Hinda Muxumed Qalib (Office Support Staff)
Khaled Omar Ahmed (Officer Support Staff)
Mubarik Bayan Hassan (Officer Support Staff)
Abdifatax Saeed (Intern)
Abdirazak Ali Salah (Field Extension Officer - Erigavo Office)
Ahmed Ali Hassan (Office Manager - Erigavo Office)
Ahmed Musse Ahmed (Office Support Staff - Erigavo Office)
Ahmed Aden Jalewo (Field Extension Officer - Burao Office)
Luul Hashi (Office Manager - Burao Office)
Hassan Mahmud Warsame (Honey Value Chain Manager - Sool Office)

Sudan Advisory Board members
Dr. Abdulhameed Elias Suliman Chairman
Mr. Sadiq El Hashmi
Mr. Omer el Hassan.
Dr. Nuha Hamed Taleb Ismail
Sudan-based staff and volunteers
Dr. Abdulhameed Elias Suliman Chairman and Country Representative
Almedani AlHassan Research Associate

Uganda-based staff and volunteers
Elizabeth Katushabe PENHA Focal Point Person; (BEd, University of Makerere)
Mary Louise Nassuna (Administrator; BA, University of Makarere)
Everse Ruhindi Associate and RBC Uganda Project Co-ordinator. (BA University of Makarere, Governance Manager, MBA ESA
Hilda Akabwai Associate
Associates: Emmanuel Kyagaba (MA Nairobi) Natural Resource Management Specialist and Trainer. Barnabas Nuwamanya (BCom Makerere) Livestock Adviser.Regina Bafaci (Diploma, Birmingham) Gender Trainer. Amos Kwizera (LLB Makerere) Legal Affairs & Women's Human Rights Trainer. Dr. Jean Simon Onyait (Veterinary Doctor, Makerere) Livestock Trainer. Dr. Robert Wangoola (Veterinary Doctor and freelance consultant) Livestock Trainer.

Kenya-based Focal Point
Dr. Edward Kariuki (Contact person)