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Prosopis Videos

This section has collected 12 videos of Prosopis Juliflora showing the challenges and opportunities it brings with it to the communities our globe. Watch these videos in order to have good understanding on the level of problems it is posing and also the potential alternatives attached to it including green energy. Moreover, some of the video give background information about the specie as well as its physical nature. 

Weed or resource? The international spread and exploitation of Prosopis - Phil Harris

The Prosospis Juliflora blessing

How to destroy prosopis juliflora ?

JuliFlora Part I

Invasive Africa: Prosopis

(See more on the website -


JuliFlora Part II

Honey Mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa, San Diego, California

Mulching and Rotovating of Mesquite in Sudan

Green Invasion!

Challenges and solutions to managing and controlling Prosopis in the Kalahari

Power Plant To Use Mathenge Weed To Generate Electricity In Baringo [Kenya]

Farm Africa and Prosopis clearance in Afar, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Eco Forecasting - NASA DEVELOP Spring 2014 @ USGS Colorado State University