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About 55% of the Somali population is believed to be nomadic pastoralists and another quarter to be agro-pastoralists. In Somaliland, pastoralism is well recognized at governmental level and a National Co-ordination Body has been set up for pastoral development in the country.

However, there are many problems and challenges pastoralists in Somalia/Somaliland are facing. Lack of political stability, drought, and the export ban of livestock to the Gulf Countries are putting major constraints on pastoralist economies and livelihoods.

A summary of PENHA in Somaliland since 2001 can be obtained as a pdf here.(347 kb)

Somalia: Country profile

Population: 9.56 million

Agro-pastoralist population: 55%

Surface area: 637, 660 Km2

Land occupy by Pastoralist: 60 - 70%

Livestock population: