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In the rural areas of Sudan, more than 60% of the people are agro-pastoralists. Especially during recent years the importance of livestock based economy and income has been recognised by the government and new steps are being taken to develop the livestock sector. For this purpose in some areas of the country financial institutions and cooperatives have been established for livestock owners and export and marketing of livestock is on the increase. However, Sudanese (agro) pastoralists are still facing a wide range of problems. Poverty, drought, the lack of educational programmes for pastoralists and natural resource based conflicts (Darfur) are major issues of concern.

Sudan: Country profile

Population: 44.6 million

Agro-pastoralist population: 60%

Surface area: 1,104,300 Km2

Land occupy by Pastoralist: 60%

Livestock population:

HDI: 0.402