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A Change is in the Air - the threatened life of Pastoralism in Uganda

Photojournalist, Vanessa Champion, publishes the photos she took of pastoralist communities in Uganda.

Preparing animal feed for pastoralists in Eastern Sudan

This course is part of a project to confront the problems caused by the shrub, Prosopis Juliflora (known locally as muskit). In the Kassala state, this is invading agricultural schemes and the banks of the Algash and is seen as a curse.

Exotic Goats for Pastoralist Women’s Groups

This programme, which started in June 2003 and continues until today, is based at Nkoma Farm, Central Uganda. PENHA has established a goat breeding centre there which enables the distribution of high quality cross-bred goats to women’s groups in several districts.

African Partnership Workshop

The workshop aimed to address the critical issues facing pastoralists in Uganda, which are similar to those facing the millions of pastoralists in East Africa and the Horn as well as to seek ways to coordinate national and international efforts on behalf of pastoralists. PENHA being a regional NGO...

Conference on Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa

Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa: Surviving Against All Odds September 2005, London

The Ankole Long-Horned Cattle of Uganda

With financial support from HIVOS (the Netherlands), PENHA-Uganda in collaboration with the League for Pastoral Peoples and Indigenous Livestock Development (LPP) and the Local Livestock for Empowerment of Rural People (LIFE) Network, carried out a study documenting the situation with respect to...

Agricultural Learning Centre

Nkoma Farm – Agricultural Learning Centre


Eritrea has a population of about 5 million people. Approximately one third of the population is believed to be agro-pastoralists and pastoralists. They live mainly in the Eastern and Western Lowlands of the country and own goats, sheep, cattle and/or camels.

Local pastoralist livestock

Training Workshops in Animal Husbandry for Farmer Field Schools