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PENHA's 2014 Calendar

The annual calendar has been published with photos of the work of PENHA across the region. Copies can be ordered from PENHA with £1.50 to cover the cost of postage and packing. The calendar is published on behalf of PENHA with support from the Food We Want project funded by the European Union.

Celebrating Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa

PENHA's celebration of life in the Horn of Africa included dancing by Dan Kira, traditional food by the Adulis restaurant and presentations by Tekeste Ghebray and Vanessa Champion.

European and African MPs together support pastoralists

CELEP (the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern Africa Pastoralism) supported an important resolution on the social and environmental impact of pastoralism in Africa.

A Change is in the Air - the threatened life of Pastoralism in Uganda

Photojournalist, Vanessa Champion, publishes the photos she took of pastoralist communities in Uganda.

Food Waste by Supermarkets

Tesco massive food waste figure is exposed to public: Who to blame?

World Food Day

What happens in your fridge? How not to waste food.

African Partnership Workshop

The workshop aimed to address the critical issues facing pastoralists in Uganda, which are similar to those facing the millions of pastoralists in East Africa and the Horn as well as to seek ways to coordinate national and international efforts on behalf of pastoralists. PENHA being a regional NGO...

PENHA looks to its future - Ethiopia December 2011

PENHA held a regional workshop at Desalgen Hotel, Addis Ababa, in December 2011 with thirty participants from across the Horn of Africa.


Knowledge Sovereignty Among African Cattle Herders 

Ways of helping PENHA

PENHA works from a very small office in central London, with  staff who are committed and experienced people, most of whom come from the Horn of Africa, but who are working as volunteers or part time. We support pastoralists in Somaliland, Eastern Sudan and Uganda - again most of the owrk is done...