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UK Youth Programme

PENHA has been working for nearly three decades on development issues in Africa mainly Empowering African pastoral communities in which young people from UK and globally (volunteer and internship) played profound role.  

We are now looking to further enhance UK youth engagement by building youth capacity in development programme and support and mentoring activities to tackle diverse challenges faced by youth among others; awareness gap on development issues; unemployment and migration, lack of practical work experience at grassroots etc.  Especially young people who came from the Horn of Africa face problems of cohesion and integration to the UK society.

Broadly the objective of the programme is to address psychosocial and economic problems of the UK youth by developing tailored schemes of development issues awareness, cohesion and employability.

The core objectives of the programme are:

  1. Enhance the awareness of the youth on development issues and make them global players
  2. Cultivate proper understanding of the youth about the North-South development partnership
  3. Engage them on environmentally sustainable development projects
  4. Develop youth skill of managing regional and international civil societies and produce young leaders
  5. Open opportunity for young people to learn project management and leadership skills
  6. Facilitate young refugees integration and cohesion process in order to be productive citizens