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What People Say About Us

PENHA is celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary in 2014. As regional organisation in the Horn of Africa with an international office in London PENHA contributed hugely in improving the livelihoods of the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the region. Those communities who have been working with PENHA in advancing sustainable development say a lot about PENHA's impacts in their livelihoods as well as improving their local governance. 

As a mutual learning process, PENHA has contributed as well as benefited through working with other partners in both the Horn of Africa and Europe. As a result of this genuine partnership, organisations mention PENHA's name in a positive way seeing its observable impacts. 

Additionally, under its Development Education programme, more than 40 young people benefited as they engaged with the organisation working as internees as well as associates. Similarly they say also a lot about their PENHA its inspirational role in shaping their professional path. 

This section will present people's comments on our works.

Conversation with the leader of a Ugandan women’s group

I am Anek Betty ... and I am from Kanyaryeru subcounty. My group is for Bakyala Tweyombekye. We have started this group. We were ten members. We are now 24 members. As members of the group, we have been contributing 1,000/- per month. Afterwards we joined the PENHA programme. They called us for a nice meeting, a workshop in Masaka. We went. They taught us, they improve our skills in business. So when we came back, we worked very hard. We got experience. PENHA has also given us six goats. Now we are having our goats we have light in our future. Now we are going to make a very nice business. But we are lacking some funds. We have hope in PENHA – and if they will support us, they could make a better future. Now we thank PENHA very, very, very, very, very much because they have improved our standards and skills of business here. We are very happy about PENHA and we are wishing them good luck in whatever things they are doing for us.